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McGuire Chocolate Señor Hankito Spicy Dark Chocolate Bar

McGuire Chocolate Señor Hankito Spicy Dark Chocolate Bar

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McGuire Chocolate Señor Spicy Dark Chocolate Hankito 70% 

70% Spicy dark chocolate with cocoa nibs
Winner 2020-21 International Chocolate Awards Bronze Medal.
Señor Hankito is a cat who knows what he wants. He likes things hot. This bean to bar chocolate is crafted from Guatemalan cacao beans and features the cobanero chili. This rare Mayan variety of chili pepper is grown in the mountains around the city of Cobán, Guatemala - only 100 km away from where the cacao is grown. This bean to bar chocolate bar has a smooth, creamy start followed by a slow build up of smoky flavours and heat from the chili. It ends with crunchy cacao nibs so you have something to bite into.

Cacao origin: ADIOESMAC | Guatemala
Ingredients: Cacao beans*, Cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*, Chili. May contain: Peanuts, Tree nuts.

About McGuire Chocolate Company

The McGuire Chocolate Company is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a focus on preparing a simple and high quality product from the inside out. Located in beautiful St Andrews, New Brunswick where were you can find their chocolate factory, café and storefront. Owners Mark and Victoria have been making chocolate for over five years and continue to evolve their products and hone our craft. Single origin chocolate made with only three ingredients is the primary focus of the McGuire Chocolate Company. Their chocolate is made with fermented cacao grown by small farmers/profit sharing co-ops, organic cane sugar and cocoa butter. Champions of a transparent and direct trade supply chains you will always see cacao bean origin on their packages. The Hank Series is based on the many characters of the store's cat Hank. These bars are made up of fermented cacao, organic cane sugar and the highest sourced inclusion ingredients we can find. Many of the bars from the Hank Series have won international chocolate awards. You can often find Hank - and his son Tam - wandering the streets of St Andrews, or greeting people at the front steps of the store

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